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University Societies

HI! I'm Liv Lever and I am currently a marketing student at the University of Liverpool, originally from Bolton.


When I first came to university in 2017, the conservative society was practically none existent. All that was there was a Facebook group, and a group of us that were riled up after the 2017 GE. A group of us pulled together, and I was elected as President in November 2017.


For the next 18 months I built up the society’s presence on social media and on campus. In my second year, I decided to run my student unions student officer elections. Even though I got slaughtered, I set a precedent for the being the first UoL Young Conservatives President to stand. Spending my summer interning at the TaxPayer’s Alliance, obtaining a placement for my sandwich year, and joining the Blue Beyond exec.

My role in the exec is to recruit the university societies and associations. Once the agreement with us has been signed, we help in any way we can. Promoting events, helping with events, helping with membership, social media, and assisting them to grow and develop. We also help the societies connect with other societies. Blue Beyond offers societies help when they want and need it, along with the chance to connect with other YCs, societies and associations across the UK. These connections open doors, giving YCs the chance to network with people they would never have the chance of doing normally. I know from first-hand experience, how nice it would have been to just have someone there for advice and support. This is what Blue Beyond aims to do, no matter the issue, big or small, Blue Beyond is here to provide a realistic helping hand.

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KUCA and Blue Beyond have entered a partnership. Read about their committee here.

We are helping a group of students establish a Nottingham Trent University Conservative Society.

From September 2019, we will slowly work to help university societies, publicise their events and direct new freshers to their societies every year. As we grow this network, we will shine a light on these societies - below are just a few we are already working with.