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Why we are backing the Conservatives at the Election

Welsh beyonder Owen Edwards and Scottish beyonder Craig Docherty detail for us why voting for your local Conservative candidate at this election is absolutely vital.

Why Wales must back the tories at this election, by Owen Edwards

Traditionally, Wales has been fertile ground for Labour. The valleys being some of the safest Labour seats in the UK. Seats that have seen former Labour leaders, Prime Ministers and household names.

Wales is a diverse and talented nation, but as Labour takes it for granted, they don’t do anything to unlock this talent. It’s time for change.

We face one of the most important elections in our history, and Wales must back the Conservatives and Boris Johnson. Every seat that stays or turns to Labour risks a Corbyn government. Since 1999 Labour have ruined our NHS, our schools and our economy. They take our votes for granted so they feel that they can neglect all corners of our country. Having shelved the M4 relief road, causing more and more congestion and planning on building two incinerators that will pump up toxic air despite declaring a climate emergency shows that Labour are not on the side of Wales.

Wales voted to leave the European Union, and it is only the tories that can and will deliver on this vote. A vote for any other party is a vote to elect a remain MP. We’ve already seen how a vote for the Brexit party puts a remain MP in. Plaid Cymru is the Party of Wales in name only. They want to overturn the democratic will of the Welsh people, and you may see them as an alternative to Labour- but remember that they have supported Labour in the Senedd, alongside the Lib Dems, throughout the course of devolution.

When you cast your ballot on December 12th, ask yourself this: “what has Labour ever done for me or my area?” And remember that Plaid and the Lib Dems are just as responsible for the mess Labour has caused, and the Brexit party can’t win seats for themselves- but can win them for remainers.

Don’t put the future of Wales or Brexit at risk. Only by voting for Boris Johnson and the Welsh Conservatives can we move forward, together.

Why Scots must back the Scottish Conservatives at this election, by Craig Docherty

Why vote for the Scottish Conservatives? Why vote Tory? Why? These questions will not be unknown to those of us on the campaign trail. 

This general election campaign once again finds Scotland as a key battleground that will determine the future of the United Kingdom. A strong showing by the Scottish Nationalist Party, coupled with a weaker Conservative result across the United Kingdom, could propel Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour into Downing Street. 

We all know what will follow - division, delay, and yet more referenda. We can, and in some cases have, repeated this line until we are blue in the face. Though, again, the question must be asked - why vote for us? What does it actually do?

First, we must look at this election as an election in two parts. The first being the election on the 12th December; the second being the Scottish Parliamentary elections on the 6th May 2021.

Recent tragedies in the Scottish National Health Service and declining standards in Education will not be rectified via Thursday’s vote. These areas are, rightly, devolved to Holyrood. Thursday does, however, give us a chance to send a message to Nicola Sturgeon.

A message that, simply put, states we are fed up. Fed up with declining standards in our Education system. Fed up with preventable tragedies and mis-management in our NHS. Fed up with the incessant drive towards independence.

So, what then does a vote for the Scottish Conservatives do?

Voting for the Scottish Conservatives delivers

It delivers hard working, local MPs. It delivers MPs that lobby the treasury for: city region deals; a freeze on whisky duty; refunding VAT paid by our amalgamated police service.

Looking at my own constituency, Stirling, we see that delivery in action. Over 10,000 pieces of casework completed in 2.5 years; over 200 surgeries completed right across the constituency; Stirling mentioned over 900 times in the Commons.

Why vote for us?

Simply put, we work to deserve victory. We do not assume that every vote, and constituency, is ours by right. We deserve victory not by parachuting candidates in from the European Parliament.

Our primary opponent, the SNP, believe that victory is theirs by right. That their cause of independence should be sought at any and all costs. That their mismanagement of Scotland is acceptable. 

A vote for the Scottish Conservatives is a vote for change. It is a vote to say "things must be done better". A vote that paves the way for a new First Minister, a new administration, a new way forward for Scotland.