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Why the USA, and Britain, Should Intervene Against Iran

Member Views is a series of opinion pieces written by Blue Beyond members.

After the attack on the US embassy in Iraq, Trump has responded by taking out Iran's top General Qasem Soleimani. The action to take out Soleimani is more than justified; the Iranian General was responsible for training Shiite militias in Iraq and also trained militias who were responsible for killing hundreds of US troops during the Iraq war. Make no mistake, Qasem Soleimani was pure evil, and nobody should lose any sleep over his death. With tensions between Iran and the USA heating up, I think if President Trump decides to go to war with Iran, then it would be a just war.

Contrary to what the Western left will have you believe, Trump is not the aggressor and Iran are not the victims here. The Iranian regime's expansionary foreign policy has completely destabilised the Middle East. For example, the Iranian regime back Bashar al-Assad in Syria, who has used chemical weapons against his citizens, many of whom were women and children. The Iranians back the Houthi militias in Yemen who overthrew a legitimate Yemeni government, and they also back Hamas and Hezbollah, whose charters state they want to wipe out Israel and the Jews. The Iranian regime also supports Shiite militias in Iraq.

It's not just Iran's expansionary foreign policy that should worry us; the Ayatollah regime repeatedly has people in the streets chanting "Death to America!" "Death to the UK!" "Death to Israel!". That in itself should be seen as an incitement to war. Not only does Iran have people shouting for our destruction in the streets, but the regime also has people burning American, Israeli, and British flags. The regime has said multiple times that it will wipe Israel off the map if they ever get hold of a nuclear weapon. Arguably, the sole purpose for the existence of the Ayatollah regime is to seek the destruction of Israel, America and the UK.

Not only is Iran's foreign policy dangerous, but their domestic regime is heinous. The Iranian regime stone women to death for adultery, execute those who identify as LGBT+, and apostates as well as killing or imprisoning anyone who dares to question the regime. Look how the Iranian regime came crashing down on the women of Iran because they dared to show their hair in public. The Ayatollah regime is nothing short of pure evil, and regime change in Iran will be nothing short of liberation for the Persian people.

What about a deal? The problem with a deal is the Iranians are not to be trusted. Unlike other bad actors such as North Koreas or in the past the Soviet Union who put survival above ideology, the radical Islamists are willing to put ideology above survival. Another problem with a deal is the Iranians will wait until Trump leaves office and then return to business as usual. I feel that the West has exhausted all diplomatic options with the Iranian regime and that now they will only respond to the use of force.

What I find quite disgraceful, but not unsurprising, is how the left in America and the UK have defended Iran because they dislike Trump. For example, Labour MP Jess Phillips said, "I will confront Trump". How about siding with our allies and confront the evil Ayatollah regime, instead of virtue signalling about how much she hates Trump? As a Tory, I disagreed with Tony Blair, but I would have backed my Prime Minister when faced with the evil dictator Saddam Hussein.

Other anti-Western leftists on Twitter have described Trump's actions as an "act of war" and that we need to "de-escalate tensions". De-escalation is just a fancy way of saying sit back, do nothing, and let Iran do whatever they please. If we follow the left's advice on foreign policy, Iran will consolidate its power in the Middle East as well as potentially acquiring a nuclear weapon putting global security in jeopardy. The left's response further displays the lack of credibility and how they are just not fit for government.

It is within the British tradition to stand up for liberty against evil actors. Margaret Thatcher stood up to Argentina, Winston Churchill stood up to Nazi Germany, and Benjamin Disraeli believed firmly in British exceptionalism standing up for Britain's interests abroad. It is time for Boris Johnson to stand with our ally Donald Trump and confront the Iranian threat now. If we fail to act now, I argue it will be the worst act of appeasement since Neville Chamberlain as Iran will only grow in influence, becoming a more significant threat to our national security in the future. Admittedly war is never good, but unfortunately, given Iran's hostile actions, I see no other option than to take out the Ayatollah regime. As Roman General Vegetius said, "Si vis pacem, para bellum". If you want peace, prepare for war.

Luke George