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Why I Support the Brexit Deal

White smoke from Brussels, and we have a deal. Within our reach is now not only our independence from the European Union, or the ability to strike free-trade deals across the globe, but the possibility of unity.

We must now understand that he only way to reconcile the deeply held divisions between Leave and Remain is to leave the European Union with a deal. And, this is a fundamentally good deal: it builds on the work of Theresa May to further protect the integrity of the United Kingdom; it ensures our status as an independent trading nation, and it ends the supremacy of the European Court of Justice. I say this, not as someone who voted to Leave, but as someone who, if given the opportunity, would have voted to Remain.

For too long the Brexit debate has been in the realms of the theoretical, with heated debates about ‘vassalage’, customs and borders; yet it fails to grasp the very essence of this issue, it is a matter of trust. That the British people can trust their politicians to deliver on their democratic will. By passing this deal on Saturday, our politicians can reinforce our belief in our democracy and what we, as a group of people, can achieve together. Every vote for the deal, is a vote for an opportunity to re-write the possibilities of what we can cumulatively achieve, and begin to tackle some of the great issues of our time, from climate change to the crisis in social care.

And so, when the Leader of the Opposition whose Brexit stance is as clear as mud, decries this deal as ‘worse than May’s’ we must be mindful of the fact that his party has no interest in delivering Brexit. They have rejected their chance to deliver on the will of the British people for the sake of party politics. The desired outcome of the Labour party, a Second Referendum, would say to millions of people across this country that their vote doesn’t matter, that their voice isn’t valued and that their democracy is fundamentally failing them. It will entrap us in a never-ending spiral of democratic stasis.

So, for the sake of our national unity, in faith in our democracy, and in the opportunities of the world before us, I urge Members of Parliament to finally, back the deal.

Patrick O'Connor

Member Views is a series of opinion pieces written by Blue Beyond members.