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What I’ve learnt being Regional Coordinator for Blue Beyond

Conference is fast approaching. I’m lucky enough to be attending – that is, of course, if conference actually goes ahead. For years, I’ve watched Tory Prime Ministers give their speech to bounteous applaud, big crowds and adoring MPs; this year, sadly, will be different.

Boris Johnson is a divisive character in his own party but more popular across the country. The public want Brexit over and done with; they want a deal; some do not. Others want Article 50 revoked completely. What matters, above all else, is having a stable government.

As a unionist and a conservative, I joined Blue Beyond because I wanted to promote the young Tories across our isles and shake off the ‘pale and stale’ image we’ve sadly created. When I got the call asking to be part of the team I jumped at the chance. I joined a team that was young, smart and fresh; the enthusiasm to create a movement that promoted young conservatism across all four nations of our United Kingdom was immense.

To keep you all up to speed: Blue Beyond now has movements in Scotland and Wales – and soon Northern Ireland too. We have dedicated Head Analysts in each region that will direct our strategy and promote our nation as one. Of course, we recognised that each country in our UK faces the threat of nationalism. The SNP, Plaid Cymru and Sinn Fein all want to destroy and divide our great nation; so our plan is not to trash them, but instead promote a positive vision for the UK via young conservative ideas.

We are having exciting discussions in each group about how we do this. Do we want more money for our schools, hospitals and police? Do we want to invest more in our armed forces? What policies can we propose that promotes unionism? How can we keep the ties that we share together? There is no quick fix, and of course, our movement will agree and disagree on so many policy areas. But the beauty of it is that WE ALL have our voice within it.

I’m so excited to be the Regional Coordinator, and can’t wait to start planning events in Aberdeen, Cardiff, Belfast and Birmingham, as well as recruit more people to our inclusive movement. Conference will be a test give the recent political climate. But everybody at Blue Beyond is playing their role. The Executive is working so hard at the moment. And for the sake of our United Kingdom, we all must play our part.

Matt Lomax