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Welsh Conservatives are on the March to Victory

The most recent poll to be surveyed in Wales puts the Conservatives four points ahead of Labour. Not to forget, there is still time for it to rise between now and the election. This poll puts labour in place to have one of their worst election results in Wales for decades. This is a clear sign that the Labour Party no longer represents the working people of Wales.

Traditionally, Wales has been fertile ground for Labour. The old mining communities have provided Labour MPs with very comfortable majorities, but those majorities are set to shrink at the next election. Since 1999 Labour have been in power in the Welsh assembly and each year they spend in office, Wales suffers the consequences. Now, Wales is fighting back. 

Wales voted by a majority to leave the European Union. The Welsh result was higher than the UK average of 52%. Boris Johnson’s pledge to get Brexit done is going down well in the leave heartlands of Wales and that is being clearly reflected in the polls. Labour’s constant chopping and changing of their stance on Brexit has given voters an excuse not to vote for them. When I think about it, the pathetic state of affairs is quite like a pantomime. “Labour supports a people’s vote”. Oh no, they don’t. Oh yes, they do. “We need a general election now”. Oh no, we don’t. “Jeremy Corbyn supports leaving the EU”. Oh no he doesn’t. Labour is now a national laughing stock. The truth is, Jeremy Corbyn IS a Brexiteer, but because his party supports remain, he supports it. The phrase used by Tony Blair to describe John Major can now be applied to this scenario. Boris leads his party, Corbyn follows his.

While out door knocking in my own constituency, the results are very clear. Jeremy Corbyn is about as popular here as the plague and people will do anything to keep him out of Downing Street. Almost 30 years of a Welsh Labour government has given the tories a well-deserved boost in the polls, and Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has sent a very clear message to the people of Wales. Labour no longer represents the working class. The voters have not abandoned the Labour Party, Labour have abandoned them.

The polls say it all. Wales is sick and tired of being wrecked by Labour. It is only the Welsh Conservatives that will stand up for Wales and make it prosper once again.

Owen Edwards

Member Views is a series of opinion pieces written by Blue Beyond members.