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It’s time to end nationalist parties...for good

In all devolved nations, nationalist parties have been on the rise. Whether it’s the SNP, Plaid Cymru or Sinn Fein, they all want one thing - the breakup of the United Kingdom.

In Scotland, the SNP have been in government now for three consecutive terms and each year they spend in government the more Scotland has suffered. They like to claim that Scotland is better off on its own when that simply isn’t true. In 2019, the UK government had to give the SNP government a £1 billion bailout because of their shambolic handling of the economy. Does that sound like they can survive on their own? A new report has shown that Scots are around £1968 better off in the UK. Not only is it the money that is the problem but the Scottish government were given control over welfare but SNP ministers have delayed it until 2024 despite saying they could set up a fully functioning welfare department in 18 months if Scotland was independent and after criticising the UK DWP’s handling of benefits.

The SNP have also made a total mess of the Scottish NHS. 532 operations cancelled in one month, 1451 people subjected to a delayed discharge from hospital in one month, 1 in 10 GP surgeries closed down and key NHS targets missed. Is this really the work of a party ready to start a new independent nation? Just think of what will happen if they get another five years in government.

The SNP has an awful record on healthcare in Scotland

Looking at the record of the only nationalist government, we can get an insight into what a Plaid Cymru government would look like in Cardiff Bay. Despite being in third place in the Assembly, Plaid Cymru still have the ability to support ludicrous Labour policies such as votes for prisoners and the slapping ban. 94% of people asked do NOT support votes for prisoners. But, despite saying they are the party of Wales and the only ones who stand up for Wales, Plaid still back it.

They constantly vote with Labour and the Liberal Democrats on policies that Wales don’t want. Plaid would also pursue independence despite only 7% of the Welsh population wanting it. 53% of the Welsh population voted to leave the EU but Plaid want a second referendum and want to remain despite this. They would also put an independent Wales back into the EU even though over half of the population voted out. Plaid Cymru do not represent Wales and do not listen to the people they claim to serve.

Despite not being in government, we can clearly see that Sinn Fein is a huge threat to Northern Ireland. The political wing of the IRA is holding the country to ransom. While they refuse to enter power sharing talks, Northern Ireland is made to suffer without a functioning government. Their history with the IRA makes them hugely unqualified to govern.

It is very clear to see that nationalist parties cannot deliver for their countries, will always waste their time following the fantasy of an independent nation and will never listen to the people they claim to represent. Their time is up. It’s time to make way for politicians that will listen and will deliver for their countries.

Owen Edwards

Member Views is a series of opinion pieces written by Blue Beyond members. Owen lives in South Wales and is seventeen years old.