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It is not wrong to say you are a Conservative

In modern times, the once tolerant left is now more intolerant than ever. Gone are the days where you would be able to have an open, civilised and clean debate with someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum. In my opinion, it has reached the point where many Young Conservatives are so afraid to ‘come out’ as conservative that they simply don’t. 

It’s time for this to end.

Most young socialists have been brainwashed by the left-wing nonsense that is forced onto them in school, through the news and in university. The left-wing bias in education is preventing young people having the freedom to choose their own political ideology and identity. Many believe that educating young people correctly about politics will help but in reality, is there anyone out there who will provide a truly neutral education of politics?

That freedom we should all have to our own political beliefs is now as dead as the Dodo. If you try to express yourself as someone who disagrees with the left then you will face constant abuse from the hard left that now rules over the Labour Party. The Corbyn-style socialism that has infected the Labour Party is one that does not want people to have differing views to ‘dear leader’. It is one that is not open and tolerant to people who want to see freedom of speech, freedom of market and proper capitalist policies. The left hates freedom and enterprise. 

I stand to believe that most young people today are, in actual fact, Conservatives. They may not know it, but, if they dream of owning their own home, raising a family, and getting a good, well-paying job then they have one thing, aspiration. Aspiration is one of the core values of the Conservative party and the United Kingdom. As Conservatives, we believe that hard work should be rewarded and that your dreams should be able to become reality. Our country was built on hard work and aspiration, not giving everyone a hand out. 

The next time a labour activist knocks on your door, ask them why they support a man who has openly supported terrorists. Ask them why they support a man who would make Britain the next Venezuela and ask them why the conservatives of today are not allowed to have differing views without facing vile verbal and physical abuse for doing so. Watch their faces, listen to their lack of reason and remember that they can’t answer your questions because they cannot justify their support for this toxic, hard left ideology.

Let’s go forward in our post Brexit era and no longer be afraid to be Conservatives. Let’s relish in the capitalist ideas that have shaped our modern-day society. Let’s promote freedom and enterprise and let’s make the future of Britain a Conservative one.

Owen Edwards