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From Remainer to Democrat: Why I now think we should Get Brexit Done

It will soon be three and a half years ago that the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU) in our country's biggest democratic exercise, ever. I was a seventeen year old student at the time, not old enough to vote. But if I had been able to, I would have, without any doubt, voted to Remain a member of the EU. Doing so for countless reasons, but specifically for the continuity of regional security and intelligence, protecting the union of the U.K., and having access to the richest economic market, right on our door step. 

I now, however, believe that we need to Get Brexit Done for three clear reasons. Firstly, Brexit has become a stain on all of our lives, we need to move on. Secondly, Britain's domestic agenda has slowly been disregarded, let's get back to the day job. Finally, we must respect democracy, or how can we pretend to preach such liberal values to the third world? 

Indeed, over the last three years, Brexit has dominated Britain's media, politics and conversations around the country. Impasse after impasse, struggle after struggle, vote after vote, Brexit is frustrating us all. This, therefore, is one of the main reasons as to why I now hold the view that the U.K. should get on with the job, and leave the EU. We cannot continue to allow Brexit to dominate our lives whilst the rest of the world looks on, strengthening their economies, building up their militaries and delivering for their people. This brings me onto my second important point: our forgotten domestic agenda. 

Now, there isn't any doubt that there are both positives and negatives of leaving the EU, but if we continue to allow Brexit to dominate our politics, how on earth can place focus on Britain's disregarded domestic agenda? A positive, vibrant agenda that needs more recognition and government focus. A domestic agenda including supporting the youngest people in our society get into the best universities. A domestic agenda that keeps us safe, whilst maintaining our global standing in the world. And a domestic agenda that reduces absolute poverty whilst reducing taxes for the lowest earners in society. This is why I am a Conservative, and why we need to Get Brexit Done so we can get back to the real day job. 

But this exciting and positive agenda will never be implemented if we refuse to accept and respect the democratic wishes of the British people. Indeed, the people of Britain will never trust this government, or this Parliament ever again if we continue to go around in circles, disregarding their vital exercise of power. This Government and this Parliament answer to the British people, and it is for that reason, following years of promising to respect their vote, why I believe we must Get Brexit Done. What's worse, how can we possibly seek to preach about democracy and advise our commonwealth friends around the world to maintain fair and free elections, when we ourselves cannot do so. It is mere hypocrisy, and very wrong. 

Getting Brexit Done is imperative for Britain's future, not just around the world, but also here at home. It is crucial that we deliver this result. For democracy and trust, and for our people, who would never forgive this country's politics again. 

Stefan Garcia

Member Views is a series of opinion pieces written by Blue Beyond members. Stefan lives in London and is twenty years old.