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Democracy in the UK: An Assessment

In 2016, the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. They voted in the biggest democratic vote for decades, if not in history. Almost every single MP vowed to respect the will of the British people. Senior labour Shadow Ministers told us 50 times that we’d leave and that the vote had to be respected. Now, they are trying to betray 17.4 million people. 

In Hong Kong, people are fighting and putting their lives at risk to ensure that they have the right to democracy – yet our MPs think it is acceptable to ignore and disrespect the result of a democratic vote. MPs are the servants of the people, but the only message our MPs are sending out to the voters is: “we know better than you. You were wrong in 2016, so we’re going to make sure things go our way”.

Labour have been saying for two years that we need a general election, but now one is being offered, they’re running scared. There is no argument from Labour to defend democracy if they now won’t support Boris Johnson’s plan to go back to the people. 

The Labour Party even had a petition calling for a general election. Where are they now?

There is also something quite comical about the Liberal Democrats. This is because in reality, you would struggle to argue that they live up to their own name. Surely you cannot be a democrat if you want to ignore over half of the people who voted in the EU referendum. It is also important to remember many MPs trying to betray the voters actually represent leave voting constituencies, and they fully deserve to lose their seats at the next election, regardless of their party. If an MP will not stand up and honour the will of their constituents, then they do not deserve to serve this country. 

In Wales, Plaid Cymru want to overturn the result of the referendum despite 53% of the Welsh voters voting leave. The Party of Wales, who claim that they stand up for the Welsh people, are showing that they are in this game to benefit themselves. They don’t care about or listen to the people they claim to serve.

Democracy is under threat in this country, and this does not come from Boris or Farage- but Corbyn, Swinson, Sturgeon and Price.

Owen Edwards

Member Views is a series of opinion pieces written by Blue Beyond members. Owen lives in South Wales and is seventeen years old.