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Britain and America Should Bring Peace and Stability to the Middle East Once and for all

Member Views is a series of opinion pieces written by Blue Beyond members.

Within the last few days, the conflict within the middle east has escalated dramatically, and as usual, the same conversations are circling: Was America justified in its actions? Will Britain follow into whatever Military pursuits America sees fit.

For the first question, I have doubts. These being primarily that in the US it is particularly appealing to the voter if a president goes into an election on the back of aggression and a piously patriotic belief in their own supremacy as a nation. Is this conflict a facade for the Trump campaign in this upcoming year, casting a shadow over the impeachment hearing that shall follow shortly? The word coming out of America is that Soleimani was a terror threat to America and the west, of which this may be true however, it seems peculiar that having been on the radar of the West for sometime now, that they find it fit to launch a targeted assasination at this moment.

Who knows if America acted justly, but one common thing is that as a significant ally of ours, we usually support and back America to the hilts on their foreign endeavours. I feel, however, that this time may be a little different. Unlike our American counterparts, the UK has no appetite for war and military interventions outside of Westminster and that as such is what the new majority government of Boris Johnson is echoing. The Prime Minister came out alongside his foreign secretary calling for a de-escalation of the conflict on both sides in what appears to be a fairly diplomatic move also representing what has also been said across Europe.

Something, however, doesn’t seem right. This country has always prided itself on resilience and fighting against injustices, and the Iranian regime is one of the foremost perpetrators. The regime, based on extreme Islamic interpretations, is accused readily of extreme homophobia and oppression of women and anyone who argues against the supreme leader. This is not what the western world stands for, and should be firmly against such. It should condemn the actions of Iran outright. If Mr. Trump does see fit that the US embarks on military intervention in Iran, then I suspect after pressure the UK shall follow in some capacity. To quote Margaret Thatcher, “We who believe in strong defence are the true peace party,” and this may once more ring sentiment to those of traditional conservative values. The freedoms and liberties of people are at risk in the Middle East and beyond; if a government is forcing oppression on its people, they must be removed either democratically or through conflict.

Unfortunately, it appears that the first is not an option in Iran. Therefore it is the job of the US coalition to remove the supreme leader and restore democracy. Before any action occurs, the lessons must be learnt from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. At no cost must unnecessary blood be spilt on the soil, either soldiers or civilians. To further such, peace after an overthrow of the regime must be held until a new government can be formed, in Libya the coalition forces overthrew Gaddafi leading to a 3-way civil war. This can not be allowed to happen. Peace must be returned to the peninsula.

Ryan Winterbottom