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Meet our Director

Luke Robert Black

My name is Luke Robert Black and I am the Director of Blue Beyond. After summers spent at Urban Outfitters and making mojitos in grungy student bars, I got a job as a French teacher through the Teach First Leadership Development Programme and became Head of Special Needs in my school. I now work in banking.

I’ve been a member of the party since I can remember and I am the Vice Chair of the Young Conservatives in Wandsworth and Wimbledon. I care passionately about the Conservative Party and the things it has delivered for families and hard working people. Our successes in education, economic growth, the deficit reduction, LGBT rights, high employment and so on all speak for themselves, but we need to get better at selling ourselves and broadening our access.

Events often held exclusively in London, expensive to attend or travel to, the youth wing needs to make sure it’s working for everyone. It should come to you - be that in Dudley or Swansea - and you shouldn’t need to spend money on train fares to feel engaged. Platforms to speak and debate need to be extended to everyone - and not just those who are lucky enough to work in SW1A. 

Blue Beyond began as a chat with a friend on Instagram has now grown into a small movement with nearly one thousand members and over two thousand followers. It wants our party’s future to be bright and recognises that this will come from expanding access to the party and making the youth wing work for everyone, no matter their geography. 

Join us to secure a political future that’s blue, after Brexit.

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