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The Kent University Conservative Association

Kent University Conservative Association (KUCA) is the oldest and most prominent political society on campus, established in 1965. Their aim is to provide a welcoming environment to everyone from seasoned politicos to those who just want to know what it is all about - you certainly don’t have to be a Tory!


It’s a great opportunity to hear from influential politicians, engage in debates, and most importantly make some great friends.

They host a range of events including socials on campus, pub crawls, campaigning sessions, meals, and guest speaker events. They have had the pleasure to host MPs such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, Dominic Raab, James Cleverly, Johnny Mercer & Priti Patel.

They are currently heavily involved in getting Anna Firth, the fantastic PPC for Canterbury, elected - turning the seat blue again. 

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Their committee

I’m the Chair of Kent University Conservative Association, 22, originally from London and in the last year of my Economics undergraduate degree. My main areas of political interest are the economy, the environment, transport and the union.

I'm 20 y/o, originally from west Surrey, in the third year of my economics degree. Policy interests: are in the domestic energy/infrastructure agenda, international relations, particularly our post-Brexit approach to these things.

"My name is Joe and I am and I am the treasurer of KUCA. I’m 20, from South East London and studying Politics. I’m most interested in transport and housing policy".

In the 2nd year of my Politics and IR degree. Main areas of interest are security/foreign policy and international relations. Also, take an interest in Brexit, feels like I am glued to the news every day at the moment!

In the 2nd year of my degree in Politics and IR with the aim of specialising in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. As a member of Blue Beyond I’m excited to work further with them to promote their views on our University campus!