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Meet our Comms Strategy Lead Deanna Hallett

My name is Deanna Hallett and I'm the Comms Strategy lead for Blue Beyond. I grew up in Cwmbran/ Pontypool in South Wales, trotted off to Bristol via Leipzig (for a year - Guten Tag Frau Gemma) and now live in London where I work in External Relations at a Financial Services company. 

I've been an official Tory member since 2016. After I joined the party, I quickly got super involved and ran as a councillor in South Wales in 2017, was elected VC for Digital and Social for Tooting Conservatives in 2019 and have done loads of bits of campaigning over the years. Issues I care about are broad but include; LGBT+ rights, women's rights, regulation in the tech space, legalising cannabis and tackling climate change. 

I love border collies, shiba inus, lasagne, olives, crying when Wales wins the rugby, crying when Wales doesn't win the rugby, crying generally, Gemma Collins memes and writing music. 

Join us here at Blue Beyond, for community, content and change. 

"If you need me, I'll be in the refrigerator" Homer J. Simpson, 1989

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