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Ryan Baldry

Meet our Parliamentary Liaison Ryan Baldry

I'm Ryan Baldry and I am the Parliamentary Liaison at Blue Beyond. Originally from Peterborough, I moved down to London for university where I studied at Richmond Uni and have been here ever since. 

Over the past through years, I have had a pretty mixed career working in and around Westminster. I started interning for the Conservative party at CCHQ in 2014 during the Scottish Referendum, EU elections and local elections. Once I had graduated, I went full time for the 2015 election and moved over to Parliament. I have now been in Parliament for 4 years, (with a quick stint back in CCHQ for the 2017 election) running the office of Chris Philp MP (Croydon South) which has been an incredible opportunity. I also established the first networking group for Conservative Staffers around Parliament which currently has over 250 members and rising!

My role at BlueBeyond is to make connections with MPs who are supportive of what we are trying to achieve and to encourage them to support us in any way possible. We have been making some excellent progress with a number of MPs now backing our mission to get more young people involved in the Conservative Party. Although this progress is great, there is much more to do if we are to cut through the current political noise and make sure that our voices are heard. 

We have a great team here at BlueBeyond and I am excited to be a part of it - helping to get the incredible people we have around the country interested and involved in our Party again!

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