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Conference Launch

Sunday 29th 2019 12:00pm

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Pecha Kucha Debates

We will be hosting three debates will be held over #CPC2019 to give members of the party a say in policy for the party.

What is Pecha Kucha? It's a Japanese storytelling method - members will have just two minutes to put forward their argument without notes and or a visual aid.

In these sessions we will, like a trade union, be voting on policy notes presented by our members - you. Presenters will get the chance to share a platform with an MP and pitch their idea to Blue Beyond members.

The most successful policy recommendation will be selected by member voting and will form the basis of the next policy paper to be submitted to the CCHQ policy team.

Blue Beyond: Climate Change Debate with 

Tories for Climate Action & British Conservation Alliance

Sunday 29th 2019 3:00pm

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Blue Beyond: Housing Debate with 1828

Monday 30th 2019 3:00pm

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Blue Beyond: Policing Debate

Tuesday Oct 1st 2019 3:00pm

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